How to Use Simple TV Player as a IPTV Scanner

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Most IPTV services are broadcasting direct on their server ports. You can use to Simple TV Player as a IPTV Scanner, especially on servers that use udpxy. Also SimpleTV player usable as a port scanner. How to Use Simple TV Player as a IPTV Scanner Download and extract to latest version: SimpleTV 0.4.8

OTT Player: All Your TV in One App

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Ottplayer is a great IPTV player, it allows to use your custom playlists on your all devices, supported iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV. If you upload any playlist, you can edit to channels, groups and logos, directly on your user panel.

VPN Promotion: Free 3 Months Premium Service

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Get a subscription for ZenMate premium service for 3 months for free. No credit card required, you can create an account or upgrade your existing account.  Zenmate works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, iOS, Windows (Beta), OSX Yosemite (Premium Only). Premium service access to more locations,

WebGrab+Plus: Custom EPG Builder | TV Guide Sites

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WebGrab+Plus grabs and creates to custom EPG (Electronic Program Guide – XMLTV format ) from selected tv-guide sites for your channel list. We want to write about it because of many users request help. We hope this article helps to who could not use the program before. How to Install WebGrab+Plus First step,

Popular Software Encoders for Streaming Video

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Popular software encoders such as Flash Media Live Encoder, Open Broadcaster, XSplit, vMix and WireCast used to compose and send streams to distribution servers flows. The source of the video signal, for example, can use a USB webcam connected to a laptop, in this case