Popular Software Encoders for Streaming Video

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Popular software encoders such as Flash Media Live Encoder, Open Broadcaster, XSplit, vMix and WireCast used to compose and send streams to distribution servers flows. The source of the video signal, for example, can use a USB webcam connected to a laptop, in this case

Wirecast Go: All-in One Live Streaming Production

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Telestream introduced beta-version of the program for live streaming production from mobile devices. Capture images from iPhone camera, overlay the image logo, lettering, graphics. Wirecast Go Mobile The app can send the video stream generated in the Live broadcasts service  YouTube and other

M3U Detective: Player Tools for Windows

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M3U Detective is a very usefull windows tool for testing and playing to stream links. When if you copy to any stream links on web pages, it will detects to your copied streams links automatically. Features:

VidiU Mini: Portable Video Encoder

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Teradek released a new portable encoder VidiU Mini, which allows to receive HDMI input signal such as a video camera, encode it and send to the media server or the popular streaming platform. I wrote an article last days about non portable version, on this page: http://www.iptvsaga.com/teradek-vidiu-live-streaming-without-a-computer/ This device