Broadcasting IP Camera: VPN Client-Server

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There are many IP cameras are able to deliver video streams protocol RTP / RTSP. Media server can be connected to the IP camera, directly using RTP / RTSP, and render video streams take their end users have different protocols for example such as: RTMP, HDS or HLS, depending

Nimble Streamer: Freeware HTTP Streaming Server

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Nimble Streamer is a media server written in C ++ as an application for Linux. Its developers create lightweight server for content delivery protocols based on HTTP. Nimble now supported to Windows and Mac OS X, and allows us to serve as a “live” streaming real-time and on-demand video distribution. You

Teradek VidiU: Live Streaming Without a Computer

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Live Broadcast Without a Computer VidiU, developed by Teradek, which has broad capabilities for online broadcasts without using a computer. VidiU device allows you to capture and transmit video streams from different sources in high definition in real time. It is possible to send the encoded stream to the server via

Encoding Course for Multiple Screen Delivery

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Today I want to talk a little bit about how I was going through this course. Much that has been I already knew before, as I have a book by Ian Lake streaming that I have read. The course consists of a lecture, after which you need to pass

802.11ac: Advantages of Wireless LAN Standard

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Routers 802.11 ac is 3 times higher speed and wider range. I will talk about the benefits of the new standard wi-fi and how to transition to the new wireless technology. Broadcast video over a wireless network has always been a problem, had to wait for it to start video buffer,
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