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Xiaomi Announced: Yi Action Camera

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There are many action cameras from different manufacturers, some cameras are popular in some countries and some others, not the least role in this is the well-being of the population. Who don’t want to overpay for the brand and expensive accessories acquire proven analogues, which also exists a lot. Streaming

Encoding Course for Multiple Screen Delivery

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Today I want to talk a little bit about how I was going through this course. Much that has been I already knew before, as I have a book by Ian Lake streaming that I have read. The course consists of a lecture, after which you need to pass

Sony KD-55X9005B: Premium ​​Japanese Quality

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Sony is famous with its good technique, wherever you can love and buy all over the world, no exception. Development has enabled company to release a very worthy representative of the premium segment – Sony KD-55X9005B. Design When creating this model, designers and developers have moved away from corporate identity

802.11ac: Advantages of Wireless LAN Standard

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Routers 802.11 ac is 3 times higher speed and wider range. I will talk about the benefits of the new standard wi-fi and how to transition to the new wireless technology. Broadcast video over a wireless network has always been a problem, had to wait for it to start video buffer,

Kodi Remote Control Set up on Android

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XBMC Kodi Remote Settings:  Follow steps on XBMC Kodi: Go to Settings – System – Network – Servers Enable server UPnp – as needed Enable UPnP handler – on request Enable Web Server – On. Port for the Web server – 8080 Name for the Web server – xbmc Password