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XBMC Kodi Config: Watch on TV as a Second Monitor

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I will show you how you can configure to pc and XBMC for using your TV as a second monitor. You might be interested: KODI: How to Use your TV as a Second Monitor Requirements: Led/Lcd/Plazma,any TV/ (has a HDMI input) Working PC runing with has a hdmi output

Testing TV: Color Adjustment, Calibration and Dead Pixels

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Who need to be carefully calibrated, I advise you to read an article about a professional TV calibration . Those who are not satisfied with how to cope with monitor color reproduction, or any other parameters that can’t be corrected through the menu, EIZO Test Monitor is suitable free utility

Sat2IP: New Sat TV Standart over Home Network

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SAT-IP technology doesn’t require complete upgrade to home network. You can continue to use existing satellite dishes. The central element is SAT-IP server technology, which is connected to a television receiver. This server accepts the program and television packs data into IP-packets. It sends them to the network through a router,

Free Widgets for Samsung Smart TVs

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No longer need a media player, as well as built-in Smart TVs . You can download all your favorite applications and services, on Smart TV Hub. On this page are collected the most interesting applications for the function Smart TV, which you can download for free . Learn how

Router Configuration for IPTV

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The most problem is about router configurations. Also all routers are not supported to this features. Check supported routers list for IPTV, if your device is not listed try methods used for other devices in this article. Download: Routers List IPTV.pdf  or view on Google docs, Routers for IPTV:  54 Mbit / s wireless