Installing Udpxy

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Streaming udpxy status

Udpxy is an open source wonderful tool has two features to consider when using in the service provider network. (

1- All clients are available through the web browser command status and reset.
2- Approximately 40 simultaneous streams begins to slow down on udpxy, while processor and network interface practically employed.

A small digression
As a rule, udpxy missing as a binary package for correct distribution, required to collect from source.

Production system needed to build packages (compilers, libraries, utilities) is bad practice – increases the size of the update, complicated dependencies, etc.

Desktop versions require synchronization and assembly software to explicitly specify some parameters instead of automatically determining transfer collected packets, etc.

Build and installing
Download archive with source code and run:

tar xzf ~/udpxy.${ver}-prod.tar.gz -C /home/builder/home/

Temporary option allows you to start with udpxy service IPTV, without waiting until the network will be brought up to date.

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