XBMC Kodi Config: Watch on TV as a Second Monitor

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xbmc-kodi-second-monitorI will show you how you can configure to pc and XBMC for using your TV as a second monitor.

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Led/Lcd/Plazma,any TV/ (has a HDMI input)
Working PC runing with has a hdmi output Graphics Card.
A Hdmi Cable (Max. 10 meter of good quality)

My equipments:
LG Led TV 32″
built-in hdmi input, Asus graphic card bult-in hdmi out,
and Digitus Ak-330107-100-s hdmi cable.

First setup,
Connect hdmi cable to your TV between PC or Laptop.
Select HDMI input on your TV.
Change display settings in windows

Enter: Windows Key + P and



After follow steps and open XBMC/Kodi Media Center, go to
SYSTEM – System – Video Output – Display Mode
Change your display mode to Fullscreen #2 or others enter.

We should see a notice on second monitor:
Would you like to keep this change?

Select Yes

Its done!

You can also use to your android phone for remote control.

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