TV Trends 2015: Curved Screens & New OS

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The Quantum Dots technology (QLED), thin body, curved screen and the new OS trends in new televisions. This is only a small part of what will happen on the TV market in 2015. We have seen  premium Samsung’s Quantum Dot (QLED) technology . QLED is based on the use of an additional

New Philips Smart TVs Specifications

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Philips has introduced new smart TVs, working on Android TV 5.0 operating system. Google Play Store power coming to big screens, you can watch live TV or record and play without having to buy the console. You can watch videos from network, web surf or listen to music. Philips

High-Tech TVs: Awards Winner 2014-2015

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EISA presented a detailed overview of the iconic new products of most popular companies in Europe. Best television models and various equipment were mentioned last in 2014 and 2015. Sampling was carried out in four categories. We consider each of these in more detail. LG 77EC980V The winner in the

Choosing A Home Theater Projector: Key Features

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Projectors as an essential element to full home theater system, perfect solution, but unfortunately to select it requires special showrooms. You can rely only on the experience with other people and those who are engaged in the installation of these systems. Currently dominated by technology and high-definition projectors are

Sony KD-55X9005B: Premium ​​Japanese Quality

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Sony is famous with its good technique, wherever you can love and buy all over the world, no exception. Development has enabled company to release a very worthy representative of the premium segment – Sony KD-55X9005B. Design When creating this model, designers and developers have moved away from corporate identity
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