Turkish IPTV Service Providers: Tivibu & Turkcell TV

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IP TV service usage is not common in Turkey and almost unknown. Most people prefer to cable tv and satellite. There are just two providers gives IPTV service for the moment and only can access with in turkey. This article can give you an idea, but it is not

Sat2IP: New Sat TV Standart over Home Network

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SAT-IP technology doesn’t require complete upgrade to home network. You can continue to use existing satellite dishes. The central element is SAT-IP server technology, which is connected to a television receiver. This server accepts the program and television packs data into IP-packets. It sends them to the network through a router,

Router Configuration for IPTV

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The most problem is about router configurations. Also all routers are not supported to this features. Check supported routers list for IPTV, if your device is not listed try methods used for other devices in this article. Download: Routers List IPTV.pdf  or view on Google docs, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1skvHBoNaQhwaL654wAiEnG4Zq7_RmwL1ktIRomBeyFY/pub Routers for IPTV:  54 Mbit / s wireless

Best IPTV Server Providers

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There are many providers have assorted options for all, you can see prices and more information from links.

What is IPTV , How it works?

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First, what is IP TV let’s start by finding the answer to the question. IPTV is customizable next-generation broadcasting tv-stream platform. It need broadband internet connection, min. 16Mbps enough for HD channels. No need extra hardware just use iptv playlist (.m3u) on Pc, Android, Ios or other devices. There are many alternatives