OTT Player: All Your TV in One App

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Ottplayer is a great IPTV player, it allows to use your custom playlists on your all devices, supported iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV. If you upload any playlist, you can edit to channels, groups and logos, directly on your user panel.

Auto EPG supported only for russian channels. Be sure before uploading your playlist with M3U / M3U8, XML, XSPF file formatted.
If you have any problem you can leave a comment. We’ll be glad to assist you.

OTT Player: All Your TV in One App

Go to registration:

To use this service you need to install the application (player) to your device and to authorize (enter your login and password ). After the login the device automatically connects to your account and available to bind to it your playlists.

Mac OS
Samsung Smart TV
LG Smart TV
Windows Phone

How to upload your playlist on OTT Player Panel

Go to your panel on OTT player site:

Click to 1. red marked area and select your playlist on the disk.

ott-player-upload-playlistGive any name to your playlist on 2. red marked area.
Confirm OK (3. red marked area) Now, your playlist has been uploaded. When you connect your device with to OTT player, you need to bind your playlist.

Ottplayer example stream play:



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