Affordable High-End Large TV Display Models

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LG-Curved 4K-Display-Screen

LG Curved 4K Display Screen

Looking for new tv? Big screen TVs are available now! If you don’t know what to choose, you can take my advice. It is time to upgrade or buy a new TV.

Curved Display

Many models are left quite an impression, and allow you to enjoy three-dimensional effect without glasses.  This type was trendsetter of Samsung TVs . Its curved display is the good old liquid crystal technology with illumination of the LEDs (LED).


4K: more than clarity?

Samsung TV UE55HU8590, not only curved, it has 3840 × 2160 (4k) resolution and this value is four times as much than 1920 × 1080p Full HD resolution .

OLED better than LED?

LG 55EA9809 TV displays FullHD resolution and works based on new OLED technology . That is each point made up of tiny LEDs, and the LCD backlight is not required. Because of this feature, OLED is thinner and less heat, and these displays have better color reproduction and a large range of brightness. The result is that they are more expensive than any other flat-screen TVs.

Do not like curved displays?
There is a great alternative: 55-inch Panasonic TX-L55DTW60 with almost the same image quality,  almost two meter.

Samsung UE55HU8590



Curved screens rather fantastic and good contrast deep and natural black, graceful contours and smooth movements are impressive on 55 inches. Frequency sweep  1200 Hz (ClearMotionRate) technology,  and MegaDCR PureColor, scaling 2K-> 4K, and support for 3D (including converter 2D-> 3D). The model is made in ultra-thin curved design CurvedT-Shape,  support DTS Premium Sound 5.1.



LG 55EA9809



Curved screen is glare, like Samsung, brightness is a bit small in daylight and the  responsive panel is not ideal but image quality does not affect the viewing angle. The model boasts a wide functionality: Smart TV, 3D-compatible technology and Wi-Fi Miracast.





Panasonic TX-L55DTW60


Panasonic TX-L55DTW60

Loking for a big TV with an optional UHD or OLED, 140-inch Panasonic’s natural image and simple operation. For example, it transfers the body image on the plates and shows films from online video library. Panasonic is one of the most well-equipped LED-TVs this year.





High-tech Model
Discover best large-format television, because the new TVs are impressive: curved displays show almost three-dimensional image. UHD technology promises sharper detail, while the OLED technology produces stunning color. The only fly in the ointment – just two technologies in a single device has no place.

Issue size
TV does not happen much, especially when it comes to viewing the video quality. After all, it would be desirable to see all the details of what is happening: the curves of the mountains, deep fog, smooth color transitions. Large TV particularly pleased in a large circle of friends. For this perfect 140-centimeter model (55 inches), presented below.

Clarity above colors
The same can be said about the curved LG. The new OLED technology provides a range of brightness, four times that of the best LED-device. Laboratory tests were given an incredible result – 23,000: 1.  Want even more? Buy a Samsung TV giant size of almost two meters!

UHD image points four times more than a normal modern FullHD. The first films in this high definition should appear on the web channels this year, and some TV shows – not earlier than 2016.

LCDs resemble a giant slide with white backlight. This white light on modern devices produced by LEDs, replaced the fluorescent cold cathode tubes.

Each of the pixels in the image screen OLED itself and lights from the LED is small organic compound. Advantages over LCD – and LED devices greater range of brightness and rich color regardless of the angle of view. Furthermore, OLED may be thinner -Screen other displays.

Samsung UE75F6470



You can buy a large UHD and gigantic FullHD. Diagonal giant Samsung is as much as 190 cm! Feature Samsung stunning visuals and excellent facilities. Let us consider the interesting decisions Samsung.

MicroDimming function corrects colors and shows accuracy at inactive sites. It is a pity that we have found some problems with the transmission of dynamic pattern. TV audio consists of two speakers, power 20 watts. In the presence of several built-in templates with options sound.



Optimum TV
If you attach great importance to the advanced technology, can do without curved display, 2014 year models was perfectly. TVs 120-140 cm look great in almost every room. The ideal distance for viewing – 3-4 meters.

Required HDTV
Stunningly clear video TV show only when playing HD-content. HDTV-channels are broadcast by cable or satellite, and the encoded HD-essential programs in the devices a special module or slot into which you can insert the appropriate smart card.

To connect game consoles, receivers with hard drive or Blu-ray players, each of the four new products equipped with multiple ports HDMI, as a rule, they number at least three. But with the USB-output problem: on the Toshiba only one connector at the other only two. Through USB- port, you can connect the hard drive and use it as a recorder for recording TV programs. Record at which time the screen can be turned off if desired, adjusted the TV remote.

In addition, with USB, you can view photos and video by connecting a special camera supplied by the manufacturer, run videoconferencing sessions or calls via Skype.

It has become fashionable retrofitted TVs advanced network services, such as LAN ports or wireless adapters. With their help, the TV turns almost into the computer. You can view photos and videos, listen to music, look at the video channel YouTubeili connect through your library. A particularly interesting feature – a search for movies in high quality on-line services.

Gorgeous picture Sony
Natural colors, flowing movement, deep contrast – among the novelties Sonyotlichilsya the best image quality. Philips because quite a contrast image was not much worse impressed delicious power of Ambilight even during broadcasts of football matches.

Sony KDL-50W805B



127 cm Sony equipment is good, management is easy to understand. To the delight of VIP-clients Amazon, Sony will soon start using video library in addition to Maxdome, YouTube and other popular services.

The TV KDL-50W805B uses passive technology for creating 3D-images, and in the KDL-50W817B – active. No matter how many experts argue about which technology is better, but almost all manufacturers are developing more passive, as it is more friendly to the viewer, and it is easier on the eyes.


Philips 47PFK7109


119 inch Philips colored light fills the entire room, as befits TV broadcasts and, compared to previous versions of Ambilight, much brighter. Equipment does not leave much to be desired, the controls are simple. The picture quality natural color and smooth movement is good and easy search with clarity Philips is going to eliminate the release of the software update.

Toshiba 48L3443

Toshiba-48L3443121 inch TV Toshiba impressed modest black edges and a convenient remote control. Quite scarce networking opportunities for access to the Internet is likely to talk about the attitude of secondary importance to the newfangled technology.



You can connect an external hard drive, which is a device for recording. You can record directly from the screen when viewing. Interim recording encoded broadcasts technology TimeShift is only possible up to 90 minutes.

Network interface enables smart TV to play YouTube videos and movies from the library.Web surfing on the usual sites is possible, but from a laptop or tablet to do so much more convenient.

Televisions with a triple tuner television programs broadcast by cable (DVB-C) from the satellite (DVB-S and DVB-S2) and the antenna (DVB-T). It is important to know that simultaneous use of two or more technologies to produce the signal is almost impossible.

LG 47LA6608

LG-47LA6608119 inch LG screen can give what you need, as the viewing angle relatively wide, which compensates quite pale contrast. Remote control peculiar but interesting menu offering sensible options, including online video library.




Panasonic TX-L47ETW60



47 inch (119 cm) Panasonic TV compared to rivals less animated menus, but clear and fast. You can add your favorite Internet applications to the home screen to have quick access to them.





Samsung UE46F6500

Samsung-UE46F6500Samsung (diagonal 116 cm, 46 inches) is one of the best-selling TVs that format. The image quality it is almost as flagships. Rich equipment is expressed in a sufficient number of interfaces, and many other online options. The only drawback a fairly narrow viewing angle.



Dive into an interactive

Let’s see what are the different modes of interaction with Samsung TVs and Sony.
Take for example mode “High Definition”: the new regime provides improved image sharpness and rich sound.

One touch of a button is enough to feel present in the frame. At least that’s what the manufacturers say about the new models.

Sony rich colors and slight increase in turn-definition picture in amazing image, everything is fine, but after sunset picture a little too harsh. I recommend to select “User 1” and the color temperature “Mode 1” – it is better to watch movies.

With regard to the distribution of sound, immersive exhibits excellent: the sound is spacious and stressed conveys the atmosphere, and the voices sound more natural.

Sound and Vision

Even distant objects in background image on Samsung TV does not look dirty-brown and bright but the shadows under obscure details, and high brightness images quickly becomes annoying. The sound becomes subtle and appears reverb effect, but the atmosphere of the action scenes speakers transmit well.

The greatest effect is achieved by built-in settings when watching videos of poor quality or incorrect color palette. TV is trying to fit the image onto the default settings, and sometimes it’s what he gets but include such regimes in the video quality we would not advise. Colors become unnatural, and the sound will be distorted.

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