How to use: Stremio with Remote Control

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Stremio is one of the most frequently mentioned sofware for watching movies and series but we should say stremio is not an alternative to kodi vs plex and other media center softwares because it is not home theatre software like them.

That means that the graphical interface of the stremio is not fully useful on the tv as small size movie infos, small size movie posters.. we like it because it is very easy to watching movies or series. Let’s back to our topic without further ado.

How to use your smartphone
as a remote control for Stremio

Download and install to Unified Remote Server to your system.

Stremio doesn’t have an official remote application and this is a major shortcoming but there is a way for pc users. Unified Remote is all in one remote software for your computer. Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control.

Download to latest Windows version here
Download to latest Mac version here
Download to latest Linux version here
Download to latest Raspberry Pi version here

Download and install to smartphone application to your phone.

There are two versions of the mobile application, free and paid. The paid version has the more features, but the free version has the basic input feature and it is enough to use stremio.

Download to latest Android version here
Download to latest iPhone & iPad version here
Download to latest Windows Phone version here

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