Kodi Remote Control Set up on Android

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xbmc-kodi-remote-controlXBMC Kodi Remote Settings:

 Follow steps on XBMC Kodi:
  • Go to Settings – System – Network – Servers
  • Enable server UPnp – as needed
  • Enable UPnP handler – on request
  • Enable Web Server – On.
  • Port for the Web server – 8080
  • Name for the Web server – xbmc
  • Password to access the Web server – any
  • Allow other users are connected – On.

Mobile App Setting on your Android Phone:xbmc_android_remote_setting

Download Official XBMC Remote (Wi-FI must be enabled, and you are connected to the router)

  • Then press the menu key (the phone) and go to the item “Settings”
  • Then Manage XBMC Hosts, select it and press the menu button
  • Then select “Add Host” and in the dialog box “Add new host”:
  1. Any name (example:kodi)
  2. Host or IP address: IP address of the system on which you are using XBMC
    (eg 192.168.1.xx where xx – the value assigned local ip. If you are using a PC, then look in the Properties of the Local Area Connection)
  3. HTTP API port: 8080
  4. Username: xbmc
  5. Password:(your password)
  6. Tick ​​WI-FI Only

Available devices,

  • Microsoft MCE (no need to configure)
  • XBOX and XBOX 360 (no need to set up)
  • Remote control supplied with HTPC (compatible with WMC, there is no need to set up)
  • Android OS Smartphones  Official XBMC Remote
WMC green button on remote control to start XBMC, you can use this program XBMC Launcher_v4.1. Simply install the button and Windows Media Center will now load XBMC.
Warning! XBMC Launcher runs on both Windows 7 and in Windows 8. The previous version, only for Windows 7, you can download here .

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