What We Know About 4K Video Resolution

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lg-4kNew generation video quality getting better and better on television screens and monitors .

High resolution 4K Ultra HD TV (or UHD TV) provides high resolution images that exceed four times already known to many of us the standard 1080p Full HD. Resolution Ultra HD 4K pixels with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 3840 x 2160.

In reality it turns out excellent image clarity, with excellent detail.  The widespread use of standard 4K requires replacement of various television studio equipment and more.Therefore, the introduction of 4K in our lives will take several years. For just hard to find 4K videos or movies. While something can already now download online or buy on the discs.

Even content with 1080p looks much better on the screen Ultra HD, because when you buy a new TV should take this into account.

YouTube supports to downloading and viewing 4K video resolution, player settings needs to choose quality 2160p. You need strong powerful computer for smooth viewing this video.

Choose 2160p under player settings.

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