Windows 10: Nvidia Driver Crashes

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windows-10-nvidia-driver-crashMicrosoft’s highly expected operating system Windows 10 finaly was released last days. New windows free offered to licensed Windows 8 users and it was met with great interest. A lot of people rushed to Microsoft servers, for download to Windows 10.

Even rumors appeared about internet crashes, because of great interest to Windows 10. Result of a long struggle, who installed to Windows 10 saw the different error messages given by the new operation system.

Nvidia users, while complaining that the video card driver crashes, Microsoft and Nvidia also confirmed this case. Microsoft and Nvidia updated separately for this case but it was stated that the problem still continued in some video card drivers.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, we suggest you do a little research about your video card before installing or upgrading process.

For example, i spent a day of almost my time. I’ve tried all the solutions about driver crashes, bluescreens but didn’t resolve issue. I recommend to wait for a while, nvidia Geforce GT 430 users.

Latest GeForce GT 430 Windows 10 Driver version: 353.62 – WHQL did not solve issues.
Check latest drivers:

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