XMLTV EPG Graber Batch Script for Windows

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This script downloads epg (electronic programme guide) from different servers (wget). Compresed *.gz . auto extracts and renamed to tvguide.xml use it on XBMC/Kodi and Media Portals. You can edit, change and add different server in bat files. Please do not run more than once a day.

You might be interested: XMLTV: Rytec EPG Codes for IPTV and TV Receivers


Download script here: xmltv_epg_graber.zip (Updated 11-25-2015) Extract to C:/ directory

Download other sources: other_providers.zip

If you want to convert bat files to exe,
Download this tool: bat_to_exe_converter.zip

Updated: 13.11.2017
Rytec Sources (xmltv_epg_graber.zip) no longer works.
Download to our new tool webgrab+plus auto downloader.

– WebGrab Plus Denmark XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Estonia XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Ex-Yu XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Finland XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus France XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Germany XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Italy XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Mexico XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Netherlands XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Norway XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Poland XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Portugal XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Russia XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Spain XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Sweden XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus Turkey XMLTV
– WebGrab Plus UK XMLTV

Default XMLTV EPG: Satellite / Countries
Ausat OpenTV (Optusc1 on 156.0)
Sky Italia OpenTV (Hotbird on 13.0)
Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.2)
Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.4)
MHW2 Digital+ (mhw2downloader by sergiotas)
Ambrosa RAI Script
Ambrosa Mediaset Premium Script
Devilcosta Nova English XMLTV
Devilcosta Nova Greek XMLTV
Krkadoni ExYu XMLTV
Rytec Benelux XMLTV
Rytec Bulgaria XMLTV
Rytec Denmark XMLTV
Rytec Erotic XMLTV
Rytec Finland XMLTV
Rytec France XMLTV
Rytec Germany/Austria/Swiss XMLTV
Rytec Greece In English XMLTV
Rytec Greece XMLTV
Rytec Hungary XMLTV
Rytec Israel XMLTV
Rytec Italy XMLTV
Rytec Norway XMLTV
Rytec Osn/Jsc XMLTV
Rytec Poland XMLTV
Rytec Portugal XMLTV
Rytec Romania XMLTV
Rytec Serbia/Croatia/Montenegro XMLTV
Rytec Slovack/Czech XMLTV
Rytec Slovenia XMLTV
Rytec Spain XMLTV
Rytec Sweden XMLTV
Rytec Turkey XMLTV
Rytec West-Africa/Csat Horizons XMLTV
Za/Multichoice/Dstv/Osn XMLTV
Other XMLTV EPG: Satellite / Countries

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