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There are several popular media servers:
– Adobe Flash Media Server (paid)
– Wowza Media Server (Wowza Streaming Engine) (paid)
– Module NGINX-RTMP  (free)
– Flussonic (paid)
– Erlyvideo (free version Flussonic)
– Red5 (free)
– Microsoft IIS Media Services

Media Servers can be used:
– Broadcast media streams in real time ( Live broadcast )
– Video on Demand
– Broadcast Playlist
– Broadcast with IP cameras

Broadcast can be arranged , using devices:
– Mobile devices with operating systems – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
– Personal computers with different operating systems
– Set-top boxes
– TV Smart TV (Smart TV)

Adobe Flash Media Server


This software is a commercial product of Adobe Systems. There are several versions of the product, which differ in value, the number of simultaneous connections and its own set of functionality that they themselves include:

  • Adobe Flash Media Server Developer (latest version 4.5). Version for developers, it is free, but there is a limit on the maximum number of simultaneous connections, which is equal to 10.
  • Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 4.5 . Includes a specific set of technologies for broadcasts on different devices. The server runs stably and efficiently implements the claimed features. Pretty easy to set up broadcasting, as it does not require knowledge of programming applications on the server side. Product cost $ 995.
  • Adobe Flash Media Interacting Server 4.5. Compared with the above versions, brings additional features such as video recording server-side support for plug-ins, P2P connection and others. This decision is a serious and expensive product, and can handle large loads. The cost of this software is $ 4,500.
  • Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server 4.5. It has all the features of Adobe Flash Media Interacting Server, but in addition it supports up to 15,000 simultaneous RTMP connections from remote clients.

It turns out, the company Adobe Systems offers a robust set of products for systems with different requirements

Wowza Media Server (Wowza Streaming Engine)


There are only two versions of the product, one free, which allows simultaneous connection of 10 customers and the commercial version without any restrictions. Wowza has support broadcast protocols RTP / RTSP, which gives him a definite advantage in many projects.

I can say that it’s pretty good commercial solution for live broadcasts and video on demand. There is also an opportunity to create additional functionality server provides developers with the help of API. How to install and configure the Wowza server, see the video at the end of this article. On the stability of the Wowza server is comparable to Adobe Media Server. The cost of the commercial version of Wowza server 1,400 $

 If you need to install and configure Wowza server, you can  contact us  through the form “Contact Us” blog. Install and configure all professional! Advise on all issues and give necessary instructions!


erlyvideo-streaming-serverErlyvideo – is a relatively new media server that runs on Erlang. Also, there are two versions of the software – paid and free. The main feature of this product is its modularity and scalability. Wide functional server implemented on the basis of modules that can be purchased separately. Server Erlyvideo developing at a rapid rate and it is connected with the fact that it is created using a specialized programming language Erlang, which is well suited for this kind of projects.

Server Erlyvideo, is a very promising solution with great potential, which is now actively recruiting and gaining their customers. Perhaps the only reason that it is inferior to its competitors.

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