How To Install The Megacubo IPTV Player

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Megacubo IPTV Player is a multiplatform software written in 100% open source javascript language. It has ready iptv broadcasts and allows create your own list. You can install on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

If you have any problem about Megacubo IPTV Player installing, you can leave a comment. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Download to Megacubo IPTV Player

Windows (x86,x64)

Mac OS

Linux (x86,x64)

In Windows,

Open Megacubo_15.1.3_x64.exe (Your version)

Accept the agreementSelect install directory

Done, start to Megacubo


How to enable Premium Features (Free)

You can use the premium features of the program for free, if you share your device’s bandwidth.

Go to Tools on main menu
Select Enable Premium Features
Select use my idle resources


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