Sony KD-55X9005B: Premium ​​Japanese Quality

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sony-KD-55X9005BSony is famous with its good technique, wherever you can love and buy all over the world, no exception. Development has enabled company to release a very worthy representative of the premium segment – Sony KD-55X9005B.


When creating this model, designers and developers have moved away from corporate identity and Sony introduced a model in the new design Wedge. When looking at a TV side, it has a wedge shape, narrow at the top and extends downward. Compared with its ultra-thin brothers, he certainly looks massive. TV front is a single glass plate that covers the screen diagonal of 55 inches and a sound system. Because the TV cabinet bottom is wider, it provided an opportunity to insert a high-powered speakers, so that the acoustics at altitude.
The style of this model – gloss and chrome. He looks, of course, gorgeous, but very quickly collects fingerprints and dust. Tapered shape played on its practicality, as to the bottom of it is heavier and therefore more stable, the stand was able to reduce in size and it is a two small chrome legs that can be installed at any distance from each other with respect to the lower edge of the TV. This solution allows you to position the TV even on a narrow base.


TV is equipped with all the necessary interfaces for the modern man: there are four versions of the HDMI 2.0, three for USB, connectors for standard and satellite antenna, headphone, optical audio output, Ethernet port and a slot for Cl. Included with the TV is a portable unit, which is useful if your TV will be hung on the wall. But it is worth remembering that the unit needs a separate power supply.
The TV has all the necessary modern tuners: DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S2, and it supports cable and satellite TV without any additional costs. You can connect an external hard drive, built-in player supports most of the most popular formats with USB.

Included with the TV remote control are two: the usual push and minipult with the touchpad. With the first, everything is clear, nothing unusual in it, and with the functions he copes. But the second panel is very interesting. With the touchpad can easily control the cursor in the browser, which greatly facilitates navigation. Another device has NFC-tag, which is used to interface with smartphones. Enough to bring the smartphone to the desk, and he will bind to the TV, which allows remote control and transferring images to a TV screen.

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